About Me

My name is Jose Ruiz. I'm a passionate full stack software engineer, problem solver, and product builder.

As small business owners, my wife and I always struggled with slow running applications and websites. I decided the only way to truly address our struggles, was to learn to code and create application dedicaded to our needs.

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Web Development

Front-end and back-end web development and design, from wireframes and UI/UX design, to Full Stack Web Applications

Responsive Design

Built to look and perform beautifully on all types of devices, with a page structure that is logical and helps users (and search engines) browse efficiently

UI/UX design

Human-centered approach to all design decisions so that products feel custom built for the target audience and is easy-to-navigate

Business Strategy

Marketing & advertsing strategy that utilizes online and offline based technologies to promote your services and grow your brand


Guess the Word

Word game allows for KG grade students to practice required sight words in an interactive and fun way to stimulate word repetition. Rather than flash cards and boring studying time, the game makes required practice fun.

What should I eat?

Users can browse through preassigned sections or search for other ideas. Once a user is able to find a dish that sounds delicious, they can click on the recipe for cook instructions and ingredients.